Happy Valentine!



Whether you’re a Valentine or not, showing your loved ones that you care should be reason enough to say „I love you“ or „ Thank you“ with something self-made! How about this beautiful and useful heart-shaped pin board?


  • Cork (10 or more) depending on size of the corks and the size of the heart)
  • Hard cardboard
  • Red ribbon
  • Hot glue
  • Cutter Knife
  1. Cut the cork

cutting-the-corkCut the cork in slices approximately 3 inches thick. Please watch your fingers!!!

  1. Arranging the heart

Arrange the cork pieces on the cardboard into a heart shape. Then roughly outline the edge with a pencil. The outline will help you maintain the shape of the heart in case something shifts out of place.

  1. Glue the cork

I recommend to leave the cork in the heart shape and glue one piece on the cardboard at the time.

  1. Cut out the heartarranging-the-heart

Cut as close to the edge of the cork as possible. Leave a little extra piece of cardboard on top to make a hanger.

  1. It’s color time

Glue a red ribbon around the edge of the heart to make a frame. Make sure the width of the ribbon equals the thickness of the cork and cardboard structure. Use hot glue to fasten it.

  1. Finishing off with a ribbon hanger

There are many ways you can fashion a hanger for this cute piece… I left a small beam of cardboard connecting the two sides of the heart. You just need to pull a ribbon through the hole and fashion a cute little bow!


It’s very simple and fast, although the cutting of the cork can be tricky and hard work. Consider it an arm workout;-)