Glueless Paper-Flowers


red and white flowers

You can bring some flowers into the house without bothering to destroy your backyard… To craft these cute paper-flowers you simply need themed paper, colored paper, and split pins.

  1. paint a flower pattern on the themed paper
  2. cut out a circle of the colored paper to match the size of the flower and fringe it out around the edge
  3. then fasten the two items with a split pin through the middle and split the two ends on the back

There are many variations to this version, you can either add some layers to the flowers. These flowers are super decorative and make a great addition to a present or give-away for a tea party!

more layers


Happy Easter Decorations


Hey guys, my this year’s Easter decorations are super easy, because they are based on just one major material – eggs cut out of pastel-colored paper. If you are having trouble drawing your own egg-pattern, google is your best friend 😉 It is amazing how many different items you can fashion out of these! I want to share two of mine…

Since pastels are not strong colors, you need to build a contrast, when you are using them with other materials and colors. Black is the best way to stress the color, as you can see in my cute place cards.

Although it looks complicated, this Happy Easter-banner is really easy to make! I just love it and I hope you do, too. Little hint… carve a small notch into the toothpick to keep the thread from sliding down!


Happy Easter, everyone!


Cute Napkin Decoupage Garlands


flowers and butterflies

I love garlands because they are so decorative! Since I had some old paper napkins lying around, I came up with this idea to recycled them…

spring is comingAll you need for this project:

  • napkin decoupage glue
  • a brush
  • paper napkins
  • beads or other small decorative items, such as buttons etc.
  • wooden plates in a shape of your choice (flower, butterfly, bird…)
  • whool/thread

It takes only a few easy steps:

1.napkin decoupage

  • brush one side of the plates with decoupage glue
  • put the upper layer of the napkin on the glued area and brush another layer of glue on the napkin
  • I let it dry for a few hours, then did the second side of the plate and let it dry ‘til the next day
  • the napkin makes the whole ensemble, make sure the colors are strong enough, since the decoupage glue might make them fade

butterflies and buttons->you can whiten the plates before applying the glue to get a more pure effect of the colors, if you don’t it gives it a more vintage-y look, which I preferred

2.composing the garland

  • lay out the items you want to thread on the garland to determine the spaces between the items
  • to keep the items in place I made simple knots or you can use crimp beads in case you are using smaller beads
  • if you are using other decorative items you can glue them on with hot glue
  • the length and number of items placed on the garland is totally up to your taste

Simple, fast, and such an incredible result! My mom already called dibs…

We love garlands