Threaded Heart


Threaded Heart

The wedding season has begun, so I have a great suggestion for a self-made present. I made this threaded heart for a friend and it was super fun to work on!

All you need for this project are: carton, needle, thread, and a picure frame.


  1. Copy a heart shape and the beginning letters of the couple’s names mirror-inverted on the carton. This way you are saving yourself some erasing by simply flipping over the carton.what it should look like
  2. Mark points along the lines in even intervals, which will serve as the stiching holes later on. If you puncture the marks before you start threading, it will make it a lot easier! Also, it helps you decide whether you have enough holes to make the forms stand out.
  3. While threading, you should think about every move you make and do not pull too hard on the thread or the carton will corrugate.
  4. The longer your thread the faster you get tangled up in it. You can easily fasten the thread with a piece of tape, so feel free to use several shorter threads.

thread it

Once the heart is completed, just put it in a nice frame and you’re done! Have fun threading!


Happy Easter Decorations


Hey guys, my this year’s Easter decorations are super easy, because they are based on just one major material – eggs cut out of pastel-colored paper. If you are having trouble drawing your own egg-pattern, google is your best friend 😉 It is amazing how many different items you can fashion out of these! I want to share two of mine…

Since pastels are not strong colors, you need to build a contrast, when you are using them with other materials and colors. Black is the best way to stress the color, as you can see in my cute place cards.

Although it looks complicated, this Happy Easter-banner is really easy to make! I just love it and I hope you do, too. Little hint… carve a small notch into the toothpick to keep the thread from sliding down!


Happy Easter, everyone!


Happy Valentine!



Whether you’re a Valentine or not, showing your loved ones that you care should be reason enough to say „I love you“ or „ Thank you“ with something self-made! How about this beautiful and useful heart-shaped pin board?


  • Cork (10 or more) depending on size of the corks and the size of the heart)
  • Hard cardboard
  • Red ribbon
  • Hot glue
  • Cutter Knife
  1. Cut the cork

cutting-the-corkCut the cork in slices approximately 3 inches thick. Please watch your fingers!!!

  1. Arranging the heart

Arrange the cork pieces on the cardboard into a heart shape. Then roughly outline the edge with a pencil. The outline will help you maintain the shape of the heart in case something shifts out of place.

  1. Glue the cork

I recommend to leave the cork in the heart shape and glue one piece on the cardboard at the time.

  1. Cut out the heartarranging-the-heart

Cut as close to the edge of the cork as possible. Leave a little extra piece of cardboard on top to make a hanger.

  1. It’s color time

Glue a red ribbon around the edge of the heart to make a frame. Make sure the width of the ribbon equals the thickness of the cork and cardboard structure. Use hot glue to fasten it.

  1. Finishing off with a ribbon hanger

There are many ways you can fashion a hanger for this cute piece… I left a small beam of cardboard connecting the two sides of the heart. You just need to pull a ribbon through the hole and fashion a cute little bow!


It’s very simple and fast, although the cutting of the cork can be tricky and hard work. Consider it an arm workout;-)