About me


My name is Alena and one of my favorite hobbies, besides music, is doing crafts._DSC0026a

Over the last few years, crafting has taken up more and more of my free time. It all started with me and my sister making advent calendars for each other two years ago. We have kept it as our little tradition. This handicraft work lead to self-made Christmas cards and other decorative items for special occasions.

Even as a child I enjoyed crafts, much to the joy of my mom. I remember sitting at our living room table cutting out patterns from catalogues, because I liked cutting-out. That still has not changed, which explains my preference for paper-crafts.

I cannot even remember how I came to making bracelets. During my teen-years I was familiar with different knotting techniques since Scoubidou bands were in-style. I taught myself new patterns from books and added my own color combinations and beads. By now, I cannot imagine my spare time without doing something crafty.

Why I enjoy crafts so much…

Handiwork is a compensating occupation for me while having the TV or the radio on. Sometimes I feel an inner restlessness, so I grab wool to knot a bracelet or work on a current crafts project. Especially my advent calendar-phases are almost addictive for me. Most projects have no deadline, but the calendar has to be ready in the person’s living room by December 1st and it is usually a rather expansive project.

I enjoy giving homemade presents because they are unique and can be individually crafted for the recipient. Even a simple, self-made card can spice up a present more than you might think and give it a personal note. I usually craft things for others, since I enjoy the process of creating things so much. The results are much more enjoyable when sharing them with others.


Scoubidou vs. bracelet

I started this blog…

Because, lately, I felt the need to share my work with others. Just posting a picture on facebook wasn’t enough anymore. I want people to be able to copy the items. A blog felt like the right thing to do. polkadots is specifically designed for adults, but that doesn’t mean you cannot use my patterns with kids if you use playful prints.

Here and there I like to use patterns I find on the internet or in books, but I try to create my own patterns most of the time. Small details often suffice to inspire new ideas. I think books and the internet can be a great way to find your way into the crafts world. I hope I can help you discover and develop the creative side on you.



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