“kreativAll”-Fair in Wiesbaden


This past weekend I visited the kreativAll fair in Wiesbaden. It is mainly a profit-oriented fair that allows the over 150 exhibitors to sell their products. You can find anything from pearls, fabrics, and much more to stock up your craft-supplies. Although I was hoping to find more gimmicks, but I saw these great upcycling ideas that I wanted to share with you…

Since I love music, these guitars made of cigar cases caught my eye. And yes, you can actually play them! If you have an old ukulele, here is a great idea to convert it into a cute birdhouse. For more information, check out blues-bones.de!

Do you have any old vinyl records at home that you cannot listen to any more?! I think it is sad to leave them lying around with no purpose to fulfill… Upcycling-Deluxe shows us many ways to reuse them

I hope you found some inspiration in these ideas! Maybe, next time you want to throw something out, think of a way to create something new without causing waste…



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