New Guide to Coloring – Patterning


Hey guys! This is the last part of my series on the “New Guide to Coloring” by DesingOriginals. I thought it would be fun to show you that there is more than just color to a picture. If you have large areas that seem boring to you, why not add your personal note to it by filling the spaces with patterns. The Coloring guide describes patterning as „the use of different shapes and lines to add interest to areas of a coloring design“. Basically, squarethere are no limits to patterning: dots, waves, squares, circles….

Here are some tips that might help you get started!

1.opposites go great together, eg circles and squares

2.If you have trouble coming up with enough patterns, try variations in size, length, and placement

3.large spaces are easiest to pattern, they are perfect if you are new to the craft

heart4.the pattern doesn’t always have to be in black, you can use different media and darker shades of the color you are coloring with. Remember the rules of combining different media from the first article

5.You do not have to pattern every area of your picture or color one whole area, eg. let the pattern fade out

Of course the number one rule, as usual, practice before starting to pattern! I think patterning is as much relaxing as coloring itself. Plus, you are creating a unique art piece! Here is a great step-by-step illustration of how a picture can come together:



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