“New Guide to Coloring” – Blending

A couple of weeks ago I introduced you to DesignOriginals’ “New Guide to Coloring”, a new book on coloring techniques. Instead of just writing a review, I decided to give you a short insight on three selected chapters. I have grown to love it, because it makes coloring so much more fun! Enjoy the next lesson on blending:


Blending is a great technique to give your picture a professional look. It can actually mean two things: mixing two colors together to create a new one OR creating a smooth transition from one color into another. I will focus on the latter with a few illustrations that I did with colored pencils.

1.The first of three steps is to apply the light color.

2.When using the dark color, start coloring from the middle of the area towards edge and intensify the pressure towards the edge.

step-by-step-example3.To finish off the blend, go back to using the light color and apply it to all over the area to smooth out the transition of the two colors. The smoothing out might take a while and you can also go back using the darker color of necessary.

In my personal example, I started with the dark color, added the second color varying its intensity. I feel, when you start with the dark color, it already starts blending when coloring over it with the lighter color. However, that depends on the colors and the pencils you use. You can blend the colors step by step, switching more often between the two colors you are using.



Sorry for the bad quality of the last pic! I just finished it and loved it so much that I wanted to share it with you, but I did not have the time to scan it…

The last lesson I will introduce to you will focus on patterning, so stay tuned!

All coloring motifs are by DesignOriginals.


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