We love Bracelets!

bracelet tree

I was in the mood for updating my bracelet selection. Unlike others, I don’t go to the store to buy new ones, I make them myself. How cool is it, when someone asks you about your jewelry and you can tell them you made them yourself!? Here are some of my ideas. They are very easy, very simple, and they go with everything!

red darling

Tied bracelet

This one is the most time-consuming, since you have to tie a half hitch pattern. The button is not only decorative it also functions as a fastener. You can create this beauty with very two materials!

bring me that horizon

Leather and Beads

These next two bracelets are really cool. The leather one is even suitable for guys. The silver beads are threaded to an elastic yarn so you don’t need a lock when putting on the bracelet.


bead it

Elegant Beads

These two are my favorites and they are soooo easy to make! You just need some yarn, beads and a lock. I also used crimp beads to better secure the yarn. They look very elegant and there are no limits to the beads you want to use.

I think this selection of self-made bracelets match any outfit and occasion. Have fun creating your own! I can’t wait to wear mine!


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