Recycle Your Calendars

bye-bye 2016

Happy New Year, dear readers!


The new year is arrived and that means you switch your calendars; but what to do with the old ones? I will show you three creative ways to recycle your favorite pictures from last year’s calendars. I hope you haven’t thrown them out yet…



postcards and gift-tags

Postcards and Gits-tags

The easiest way to reuse small calendar pages is to cut off the timeline and make them into postcards or little tags for presents.

wall decorations


Wall decorations

A year ago I wanted to dress up the boring wall in my living room, so I combined wall tattoos with some of my favorite pictures from a 2014 calendar. This will avoid drilling holes in the wall or use nasty glue to fasten the pictures on your wall. You can vary the number of pictures and flower tattoos (butterflies or stars would look great, too).

deskpadPimp Your Deskpad

My favorite way to recycle calendar pages is to make a collage. The classic way would be to frame them, but I found this great pad for your desk that you can pimp yourself. I added some confetti to the pictures for more color and excitement. This will definitely spruce up your office!

Hope you found some inspiration so you don’t have to throw out your calendars or let them grow old in your closet!


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