Daphne’s Diary 2017- a colorful agenda

Daphne's Dairy 2017

Daphne’s Diary 2017

May I introduce you to the „best agenda for 2017“—and it’s true! Daphne’s Diary is a lovely detailed agenda. Playful and romantic themes in a vintage look make it your colorful companion for 2017. But you might ask yourself: who actually is Daphne?

Daphne lives in the Netherlands and turned her diary-entries into a magazine that is published in several languages all over the world. From crafts to recipes and garden-tips, everything can be found in Daphne’s world. She uses mostly nature-based products such as flowers or wood, and a lot of color and patterns.

The agenda dresses up the usually boring pages in amazing pictures that change weekly and adapt to the seasons. It has enough space for notes and lists and, additionally, entails stickers and cards. Recipes make you want to try them right away and crafts-ideas inspire you to start new projects. I love the motivating sayings appearing at the start of every month. My personal favorite: „Eat less sugar, you’re sweet enough!“. If you hang that one on your fridge, your diet will be a piece of cake 😉

The general structure of a weekly view is nicely explained with comments, because there are some special features that are rather unusual for agendas: a mood-o-meter, water bottles and fruits to check your daily intake, as well as a line for planning your vespertine tv-program. Everything is taken care of….well, almost, because one thing is missing: a space to note addresses and phone numbers. Although it is nearly unnecessary to write down phones numbers in today’s smartphone-universe, it might be helpful to have the most important numbers handy in case technology fails you. Daphne’s Diary is quite big and heavy, so it is even more uncomfortable to carry an extra address book. Still, you will find a space to write them down, even if there is no separate address-category.

beautiful artwork

beautiful artwork

As I said, the book is a little heavy, which is why it is almost better and more decorative on your counter at home than in your handbag. Nevertheless, that doesn’t stop the calendar from bringing you joy and inspires you to live out your own creativity. It’s almost a pity that there is no week left to design yourself. The (slightly too corny) coloring pictures are not enough to fill that need. But, it is so much fun to peruse the agenda and discover new patterns and themes every week.

There is a short video displaying the agenda on Daphne’s homepage, go check it out for more insight: https://www.daphnesdiary.com/movies/

Daphne’s Diary makes planning more fun and gives your year the dose of corny it needs. For me, it was love at first sight and I can’t stop browsing in the agenda. It makes a great gift for a friend, your mom, or, better yet, for yourself!

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