Wrapping-up crafts

stars and candy canes

stars and candy canes

Hey there!

Christmas is almost here and you should to get going on wrapping your presents. I have prepared some ideas for you to mix it up a little.

If you are using printed paper, it is not necessary to put extra decorations on the present. In that case, a simple ribbon will do, otherwise it would be too flamboyant.

With single-colored paper there are countless options. How about some stars or candy cane-hearts?!

I found this double-sided wrapping paper, which makes any additional materials unnecessary…

double-sided wrapping paper

double-sided wrapping paper

Just fold the end in the middle of the item and wrap it all around to the back. Make sure the sides are even before you cut out the half of a tree in the folded side. Use the same pattern to create the counterpart with extra paper in the opposite color. You can also cut out the tree entirely, instead of cutting one half out of the paper and gluing the other one on. This technique works with stars or any other Christmas-themed patterns as well!

Lately, themed tape has been very in-style. I think it looks festive when you want to spruce up simple brown paper. Stickers are also a great alternative…

themed-tape and sticker wrappings

themed-tape and sticker wrappings

Ok, I admit—every now and then you need to put ribbons on a present and I combined them with ornament decorations…

Christmas ornament decorations

Christmas ornament decorations

I hope you can use some of my ideas to inspire your wrappings. Have fun crafting!


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