self-made X-mas cards

folded Christmas cards

folded Christmas cards

Today, I want to show you some ideas for self-made Christmas cards in the form of postcards and folded cards. There are no step-by-step instructions because I think the designs are easy enough to be self-explanatory. My creations should motivate and inspire you to get started on your own project. Before you get crafting, draw sketches of the visions of your cards. This way you won’t forget anything and you can change little details if you need to.

There are so many ways to design your cards: you can paint on patterns and whishes on paper, craft patterns to decorate the cards with, and I used Christmas-themed paper and ribbons. I prefer the traditional Christmas colors red, white, and green, but you can use any color you like.


polka dot tree

I made all the patterns myself by drawing the outline of the card on quad paper and fit the pattern on the card. To get the size of the card just right, I used standard postcards as patterns.

Let’s start with one of the easiest designs: a simple triangle polka dot tree. To add a bit more excitement, I encircled the tree with a black line and glued on a star on top of the tree. The multicolored polka dots make it seem like the tree is decorated. Also, the inside of the card is red.

trees trees trees card

trees trees trees card

The trees trees trees card is my very own design of crafting cards. I used scissors that cut a great pattern into the edge of the upper corner and the same scissors to cut the themed paper on the inside of the card. The pattern is also repeated on the front of the card. You could substitute the middle-strip of trees for a Christmas-whish or little cut-out trees instead.

squad tree

squad tree

This last folded card is my absolute favorite. I decided to add the frame after I made the tree, because there was something missing. The square pattern has natural lines that I used to create the frames and edges of the tree.

As you can see, none of these cards have writing on them, which gives them a cleaner and more elegant look. But with postcards, it’s totally different…

There is no Christmas without ribbons, but why should they always be on the presents?

These next two postcards have ribbons as a great 3D-look. I fastened the ribbons with hot glue. Note: Fabric-ribbons tend to dissolve on the ends once you cut them. To avoid that, attach double-sided tape on the back of the ribbon BEFORE you cut it in shape.

plaid Xmas

plaid Xmas

See you next time on pen.paper.polkadots for new ways to wrap and decorate Christmas presents!

polka dot Christmas

polka dot Christmas


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