Butterfly Mobile for Babies

butterfly mobile

butterfly mobile

This mobile is the perfect present for births, christenings or other occasions involving babies or small children. Usually it is hard to find the right gifts, not knowing the tastes of the parents or not knowing what they already own… with a self-made present there is no possibility of failure! The amazing thing is, you need very little materials to craft this beauty.




  • Mobile-set
  • Sheet of themed paper
  • Different kinds of ribbons /wool /thread
  • Sparkling tape (you can also get sparkling paper and glue both of the sheets together, this even makes the butterflies more solid)
  • Beads


1.Attaching the ribbon to the mobile-set

To make the wooden sticks more colorful, wrap a ribbon around each stick. Fasten the ribbons with a hot glue to keep them from sliding off when you attach the middle and outer wooden ends. Make sure to always wrap the ribbon in the same direction and with the same intervals, or alternate them for consistency.

2.Fashioning the butterflies

Hint: Fashion more butterflies than you need, just in case. When it’s time to balance them on the thread you probably need a few test-runs.


butterflies close-up

3.Preparing the wool/thread

Cut the number of strings you need, depending on how many butterflies you are using. I used 12 butterflies, two to each stick (a small and a big one). Sewing thread would be a great alternative to wool since it is less visible. Fold the wool/thread into a loop and use a needle to thread the wool under the ribbon, in case you have trouble sliding it under. If you are using thinner thread it might even suffice to fasten the thread on top of the ribbon. That depends on your taste and vision of the mobile. Once secured on the stick, pull the other end through the loop and twist both ends of the thread.

4.Hanging up the butterflies

Thread a bead and a butterfly on each string. With my butterflies, it was best to place the needle 0.2 inches (5mm) from the upper middle edge. The bead will weight down the butterfly, so it looks better hanging. Do not fasten the thread underneath the butterfly yet. Once all the butterflies are on the mobile you might want to change some of the heights… I also added a butterfly in the middle of the mobile, using the same ribbon that is wrapped around the wooden sticks. This gives it a playful and more colorful look.

Watch out! Make sure to secure the beads so they cannot fall off and be swallowed by the baby. If you are using a bead above the butterfly and fasten the thread with a double knot at the end, it should be fine. The parents should hang up the mobile out of reach of their children.



5.Finishing up

Level the butterflies the way you like them best and tie up the ends of the threads right underneath each butterfly. Make sure the knots are secure before you cut off the surplus thread. Do not forget to save some ribbon to fashion a bow for hanging up the mobile.

You can bend the butterflies in the middle to make them look like they are flying.

I love this mobile and I almost kept it myself 😉 I hope you like it as much as I do and this creation will soon decorate the bedroom of a baby out there. It is a super easy present to craft and it doesn’t even take that long! Give it a try and send me your results…

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